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Pre-conference workshop: Building rapport and creating community: What standup comedy and acting can teach us about student engagement. Invited speaker. LOEX, Nashville, Tennessee. May 2013. With John Watts.

Call and response: The art of asking effective questions. LOEX, Nashville, Tennessee. May 2013. With Christina Heady.

Applying performance theory to information literacy instruction. Invited speaker. Research, Instruction, and Outreach Committee of the Five Colleges Libraries Workshop. Amherst, Massachusetts. November 2012. With John Watts.

Using assessment to drive the creative process and develop cost-effective, pedagogically sound instructional videos. Invited speaker. Community College League of California Workshop, Ontario & Oakland, California. November 2012.

Humor in the classroom: Practice. Invited speaker. Rhode Island Library Association, Providence, Rhode Island. May 2012. With John Watts.

Humor in the classroom: Theory. Invited speaker. Rhode Island Library Association, Providence, Rhode Island. May 2012. With John Watts.

An outcomes-based approach for developing effective and entertaining instructional videos. Invited speaker. California Conference on Library Instruction, Sacramento, California. April 2012.

The information literacy lab: A partnership between First-Year Writing and the Library. Conference on College Composition & Communication, St. Louis, Missouri. March 2012. With Denise Paster & Ellen Arnold.

Set the stage: How to use performance theory to create effective self-introductions and positive learning environments. LOEX, Columbus, Ohio. May, 2012. With John Watts.

Practical and entertaining alternatives to screen casting for online video tutorials. Library Technology Conference, Saint Paul, Minnesota. With John Watts.

A pedagogically and theatrically sound approach to information literacy instruction. LOEX, Fort Worth, Texas. With John Watts.

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